Design Thinking workshop is an active, creative, hands-on problem-solving process that enables a group of people to come together and solve dilemmas, discover new possibilities and tailor solutions to match. It’s all about collaboration and focus on what needs to be solved or addressed. The essence of our design thinking workshops is all about each one of us bringing our personal power, uniqueness and approach to the group to create an innovative collective

Let’s be awesome


Let's solve

Great! We have acquired new perspectives, new tools, new ideas, more information, insights, understanding, empathy, So let’s start solving. One step at a time. One issue at a time. The first solution will lead to more options and victories. Every solution, big or small is a success. 

Let's share

Now we’re talking. Let’s add some creativity and innovation into everything we’ve observed so far. Look at the same things from a different perspective, a twist and watch how things develop and unfold. In other words, let’s grow!

Let's grow

Our thoughts? Ideas? Our trials? Our triumphs? Our vision, Our crashes and burns…Oh yeah those too… Let’s pile them all up, Let’s put the pieces together and observe. observation with the power of a team …. priceless!

Let's think

What is actually the challenge? Why is it a challenge? Is it really the challenge or the result of other issues? What has been done so far? What if we act exactly the opposite? What if we shake things off? What if we rattle a few cages? Poke some bears?

?Who are we

Two designers that spark when concepts are developed and a new user experience is created. Together we bring over 2 decades of experience and insight into brand strategy and implementation, agile thinking and corporate engagement and process development. Passion is a habit for us, creativity is basic and observation is keen. The rest we’ll share over coffee.

Smadar Segel Miller

Art director, UX UI Designer
Facilitator of design thinking workshops
נעמה יונגר

Naama Junger

,UX UI Designer
Facilitator of design thinking workshops

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